Scrum Certification Classes in Austin, Texas

Scrum Certification Classes in Austin, TexasWinnow Management has been offering ScrumMaster Training and offering Scrum Certification classes since 2006. Winnow offers over 75 years of combined experience in IT with companies like Hilton and Cisco, as well as with companies abroad in China, India, Hungary and Israel. Each year, Winnow Management visits Austin to provide Scrum training. Those in surrounding areas like Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Plano, and Shreveport are also invited to attend.

Why become an Austin ScrumMaster? Because change is inevitable, even the best-laid plans will run into disruptions, and without the right tools, your work flow and product requirements can be sent into a tail spin. Outside forces like budget cuts, new client requirements or staff restructuring can be detrimental, expensive and highly disruptive. The Agile environment of Scrum provides a development process that allows a team to effectively maneuver through changes with minimal disruptions and less overall waste.

A ScrumMaster has the job of making sure the Scrum procedures are properly implemented. Winnow Management offers two-day scrum certification sessions in Austin that provide participants with a strong grasp of Scrum principles.

Attendees of our Scrum certification classes in Austin will learn core elements of Scrum as well as the expectations placed on the ScrumMaster. Some topics include:

  • The framework and fundamentals of Scrum
  • How and why Scrum is so effective
  • Roles and rules in a Scrum environment: ScrumMaster, Product Owner and Team Members
  • Cross-functional and self-managed teams
  • Empirical methods vs. defined methods
  • Planning and estimating in an Agile environment
  • Optimizing value and return on investments

Aspiring ScrumMasters in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas are invited to come to our next Scrum certification class in Austin and learn about how Scrum can improve your overall workflow and production techniques.

Contact Winnow Management at, or by phone at 954-784-3674. Check out the events page for more information on scheduled events.