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Scrum and Agile Courses Offered in Ohio

Master scrum and agile with the leading experts in Ohio. At Winnow Management we offer Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, SAFe Agile and Scrum 4 HW classes in various cities in Ohio, at different times throughout the year. Our goal is to help people comprehend how to get the best return by achieving better levels of software quality. 

What is Scrum? What is Agile?

Scrum is an agile project management methodology used for software development projects with the aim of delivering new software capabilities. Scrum is influenced by the Agile manifesto which is a guide on how to deliver quality software faster.

Where is Agile Scrum Methodology used?

Scrum is extensively by software development teams and ranks as the most popular agile methodology. Today, scrum has spread to other business fields including marketing and IT where there are projects that must move on in the presence of ambiguity and complexity.

Scrum in Agile project management?

For starters, scrum is an Agile subgroup or methodology. Agile on the flipside represents the set of principles and values that define a group’s daily interactions and activities. As such, Agile in itself is not specific or prescriptive.

The Scrum methodology follows the principles of agile but includes further specifications concerning software development practices. Therefore, although made for agile software development scrum is the more favored structure for agile project management. In most cases, it is simply referred to as scrum project management.

Major Agile principles in project management

Agile ushered in the world of flexibility, control and focus on customer needs. Here are a few agile concepts you should learn.

  • Achieve customer satisfaction through continuous software delivery
    A software is built to add value to the end user and enable them to carry out tasks better; tasks that were impossible to carry out before. It is aimed at solving a problem and ensuring greater efficiency. To align efficiently with this principle, shorten the distance between gathering requirements and customer feedback. This affords you the opportunity to align the software with the customer requirements.
  • Flexibility 
    You can implement changes now, rather than wait for the subsequent rebuild or redesign. The agile process should give customers a competitive advantage. To achieve such versatility, decrease the time spent between conceiving and implementing a vital change.
  • Deliver working software with a preference for a shorter time scale
    Conventional development methods involved tons of documentation, which was time-consuming. Agile project management aims at shortening the time between planning and delivery. The agile methodology focuses on the whole process of creating and planning for the software, which gives you the opportunity to perform more efficiently.
  • Build people motivated project
    Micromanaging undermines agile in project management. Teams should be self-directed and self-reliant. Ensure you have a proper team in place that can handle the objectives. Also, each team member’s contribution should be taken into consideration to facilitate a more supportive environment and get the job done.
  • Working software is the primary measure of progress
    The effectiveness of the software primarily judges an agile development team. Quality software is easily adaptable to the changing tech environment and can be manipulated to match the changes.

What is So Special About Scrum Project Management?

There are many IT and development companies throughout Ohio and some businesses utilize traditional waterfall project management styles. Your business or team can benefit from integrating Agile or Scrum to improve development quality and on-time delivery. Ensure your team is more efficient than other Ohio based teams.

Scrum presents a more transparent solution that addresses complexities in project management. With scrum, people can inspect and adapt easily to prevailing situations and rather than predicted conditions. This facilitates the team to address common pitfalls in the development process, confusions resulting from varying requirements, resources and costs, compromises on software quality and incorrect progress reporting. Transparency of basic terms is essential in scrum development to make sure that the delivery expectations are met. A regular inspection ensures faster progress and easily detects variances and proposes necessary adjustments.

The role of a ScrumMaster in agile methodology

The ScrumMaster is the facilitative leader who detects any issues and ensures the team fully adheres to the process. He/she ensures that the team is fully functional and productive by facilitating cooperation. A ScrumMaster also removes barriers and impediments preventing the team from completing work and shields the team from external influences. Finally, he/she ensures the team follows the process and pursues continuous innovation.

Why Winnow Management for Agile Education?

Our instructors have over 75 years of collective experience in software development. Training with us affords you the opportunity to get a solid feel of scrum as you work with our instructors in real life scrum simulations. After completing our two-day course, you learn skills that will enable you to hit the ground running. At the end of the training, you will be fully equipped to sit for the ScrumMaster exam.

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