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Why Winnow For Your Scrum Training in Florida?

With over 75 years collective experience in the software space, Winnow offers a formidable training solution for aspiring ScrumMasters. We offer Certified Scrum Master, Certified Product Owner, SAFe Agile and Scrum 4 HW classes in Florida. Winnow Management's home is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida which gives us great insight into the local development and IT businesses located in Florida. Our goal is to help people comprehend how to get the best return by achieving better levels of software quality. 

What is Scrum Training and Is It Worth It?

Scrum is an agile methodology used for software developments. Scrum’s main role is to develop effective software for project management. Scrum methodology is influenced by the Agile manifesto designed about 2 decades ago.

If you are looking to implement scrum after your Florida training here are some pros of scrum you can look forward to

The Scrum Advantage 

Since its inception, Scrum has revolutionized the software development space, offering a quicker and reliable solution to project managers. Here are some other advantages of scrum;

  • Customer satisfaction
    Also, we cannot ignore that the customer is (normally) only a user and merely wants the software to meet his needs, with no interest in how it makes it happen. The agile nature of Scrum will make it improve productivity. This does depend, though, on the ScrumMasters’ motivation and strictness. They must, therefore, have a deep understanding of the process and implement it as rigorously as possible, to get the highest possible productivity. Taking a scrum course by Winnow in Florida can facilitate this a rigorous understanding of the software.
  • Innovation
    Regarding innovation, Scrum supplies a bottom-up ”continuous, fast reengineering,” allowing effective changes to the project without consuming too much time and cost. It makes this possible by turning the project into a set of small problems, ”pieces” of a bigger problem, much easier to manage than if we tried to approach it in its integral form. Normally, in complex projects, the interface between the diverse modules is too complex due to the high degree of isolation of the involved members. In Scrum, getting teams to work together and communicate makes work integration much easier, since everyone knows what everyone is doing.
  • Short Intervals between development and presentation: Another advantage is the short intervals of time between project presentations to the customer. This enables the customer to have a closer look at the project’s evolution and get frequent feedback concerning the product’s functionalities. Soon, a relationship with the customer is developed, confidence is built, and knowledge grows. Obviously, the communication between team elements improves substantially, and all the successes throughout the process are shared, which contributes to creating a culture where the people involved hope for the project to succeed, highly motivating the team. This kind of trait is vital in present organizations.

As mentioned earlier Scrum is based on the Agile Manifesto. To comprehend the Scrum concept wholly, it is vital to look at some of the manifesto’s principles. Here are some of the major ones influencing scrum implementation;

Efficient software with a preference for a shorter time scale

Traditional software development methods involved loads of documentation, which was time-consuming. Agile project management aims at reducing the time between planning and delivery. The agile methodology focuses on the whole process of creating and planning for the software, which gives you the opportunity to perform more effectively.

Build people motivated project

Being controlling undermines agile in project management. Teams should be self-directed and self-reliant. Ensure you have a proper team in place that can handle the objectives. Also, each team member’s contribution should be taken into consideration to facilitate a more supportive environment and get the job done.

Working software is the basic measure of progress

An agile development team is first judged by the efficiency of the software. A quality software is easily adaptable to the changing tech environment and can be manipulated to match the changes.


Changes should be made at present rather than wait for the subsequent rebuild or redesign to implement them. The agile process should give customers a competitive advantage. To achieve such versatility, shorten the distance between conceiving and implementing a vital change.

Train with the experts in Florida

Training with us affords you the opportunity to get a solid feel of scrum as you work with our instructors in real life scrum simulations. After completing our two-day course, you learn skills that will enable you to hit the ground running. At the end of the training, you will be fully equipped to sit for the ScrumMaster or agile course exams.

Book Scrum and Agile training courses by scrolling to our class offerings below. If you have questions, utilize our live chat feature to receive whatever information you need not listed here.

Our Scrum and Agile Training Center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The training center is located at Marina Mile Business Park in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Our new building is set up with the same services and amenities as our remote locations but offers improved accessibility. Additionally, we have comfortable seating and areas to socialize with your classmates during breaks. Inquire about our private course options available at our training center or training your team at your business location.