Reston ScrumMaster Certification Classes

Reston ScrumMaster Certification ClassesIf you’re interested in Scrum, this two-day course will get you started on the right foot. Even if you’ve never worked as a ScrumMaster, our Reston ScrumMaster certification classes will help you to navigate the Scrum environment more successfully. Whether you’re a product manager, a Product Owner, a functional manager, or a team member, this course will help you to make a smooth and successful transition into the world of Scrum.

Two days isn’t a lot of time, so we make the most of it with highly interactive hands-on training in the various practices, tools and principles that make up a successful ScrumMaster. During our Reston ScrumMaster certification classes, you’ll participate in a variety of group discussions, practical games, exercises and simulations, as well as real-world case studies. You’ll work hand-in-hand with our highly experienced Certified Scrum Trainers and you’ll benefit from their invaluable instruction and feedback.

What You’ll Learn

This two-day interactive course is broken into sections that are designed to clearly and efficiently teach core Scrum principles and techniques. During this course, you’ll learn about:

  • The history of Scrum and Agile methodologies
  • How and why Scrum is so effective
  • How the Scrum processes work
  • The Scrum roles, including ScrumMaster, Team Member, and Product Owner
  • The Scrum Artifacts, including Product Backlogs, Sprint Backlogs, and Burndown Charts
  • The Scrum Ceremonies, including daily Scrum meetings and Sprint planning and review

So come and join us for a life-changing two days! Space is limited and tickets are going fast, so secure your spot at our Reston ScrumMaster certification classes! Check out our events page for specifics, or get in touch at with any questions or special requests.