Learn Effective Servant-Leadership At Our Project Management Training Course in San Diego, California

Project Management Training Course in San Diego, CaliforniaLeadership in Scrum is a far cry from traditional management models. It involves a much more “humane” approach to getting things done, and while the work is always a priority, far more emphasis is put on enabling and facilitating the team. A lot goes into being a really great servant-leader, and we’ll tackle many of those elements at our project management training course in San Diego, California. In the meantime though, here are some key skills that every great Scrum Master should strive for.

Qualities of a Servant-Leader

There’s a lot of debate over what virtues and traits a great Scrum Master should have. While the exact definition of “servant-leader” varies from one expert to the next, certain traits shine through in every definition. We’ll go over these in greater detail during our project management training course in San Diego, California, but in summary, a great servant-leader must:

1. Listen

It’s hard to serve when you don’t know what people need. Good listeners catch the fine points that others miss. This allows the leader to make the best decisions for both the project and the team. If you hope to succeed as a Scrum Master, strive to pick up clues, views and opinions voiced by your team members.

Pay attention to the unique natures of your various team members. Some will be more outspoken and will voice their opinions and needs clearly. Others will be more introverted and quiet. Your job will be to encourage opinions from everyone – not just the loud ones.

2. Be Aware

A good servant-leader is a facilitator. He has a higher perspective than the immediate work, and is a little more detached than those involved in actual production. It’s not easy to balance the connection and detachment required, and this takes considerable awareness to achieve this third-person perspective.

Become One of the Greats!

Servant-leadership is challenging, but it can be highly rewarding. Join us for our two-day project management training course in San Diego, California, and learn how to become a truly great servant-leader within the Scrum framework. To find out more, get in touch at info@winnowmanagement.com.