Become an Effective Scrum Master through Our Project Management Training Course in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Project Management Training Course in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaAny experienced project manager knows that the job is about more than just delivering a project on time and within budget. A good project manager is ultimately the servant of his or her team. That means supporting, facilitating, and sometimes even protecting the team. Of course, for some project managers, that role can quickly turn into something like babysitting. It’s a fine line to walk, and one that takes a lot of balance. During our project management training course in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we’ll teach you how to be an effective servant-leader who knows when to step in and when to step away.

We’ve worked with companies around the world, and we’ve seen many successful frameworks as a result. Of course, a successful Scrum framework hinges on a really good Scrum Master. While a Scrum Master is something like a project manager, it’s also an entirely unique role. The Scrum Master is more of a coach and less of a commander. It takes quite a paradigm shift to take on the role of Scrum Master, but we’re here to help with our project management training course in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Managing Effectively with Scrum

There are a few key factors involved in being an effective manager – and specifically in avoiding that “babysitting” pitfall. Those include:

1. Hire right. If possible, get involved in the hiring process. If you’re going to be supporting and leading a team, it’s only right that you’re involved in putting that team together. You know what’s required to deliver the product, and you know what skills are going to make that happen.

2. Communicate with senior management. Scrum is all about communication, so keep your team ticking by maintaining clear lines of communication with the higher-ups.

3. Focus on accountability. You are accountable for your team’s success. By taking responsibility, you gain credibility in the eyes of your team.

Project management is a massive job, but it’s one that is made much easier with experience and training. Join us for our two day project management training course in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and see what Scrum can do to make your job a little simpler. Find out more online or at