Project Management Training Course in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Project Management Training Course in Minneapolis, MinnesotaNearly every company has plenty of great ideas. The problem is that so few have the processes and framework for successful implementation. Without careful project management and regular performance evaluation, great ideas rarely get off the ground.

Does your company have a great idea sitting on the back burner? Join us for a two day project management training course in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and find out how Scrum can kick that idea into gear! Learn how to set effective and practical goals, how to track your progress efficiently, and how to review your project status faithfully. Through Scrum training and implementation, you can take your projects from the idea stage to implementation and completion!

Why Project Management Matters

Here’s a fact: there are very few self-starters in the world. Idea people are fantastic and inspiring, but few have the organizational skills to get those ideas rolling. Without careful project management, the best ideas quickly run aground.

Take a look at your goals. Many companies have goals, but they’re so nebulous and vague that they provide very little direction or support. In many cases, company goals are only set to create a sense of competition – and this is never healthy.

During our project management training course in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you’ll learn how to turn that vague checklist of goals into real, tangible plans. You’ll learn how to map out a project, how to identify the most valuable elements, and how to avoid distractions and delays.

Manage Projects Wisely with Scrum

Scrum makes it simple for teams to plan, track and evaluate the status of a project and the performance of the team. Teams can easily measure progress and goals against practical software, and short daily meetings give teams the opportunity to stay focused and on target.

If your team has been foundering, come and join us for our two day project management training course in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We’ll teach you how to kick your projects into high gear and how to eliminate the weights that have held you back. To find out more, check out our events page or get in touch at