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Project Management Training Course in Austin, TexasHave you heard of Scrum? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t – and that’s fine. Until recently, few people outside of the software development circle knew anything about the Scrum framework. It’s not something that is mentioned in any management courses, and it’s rarely discussed in business textbooks. We think that’s unfortunate, because Scrum can do some phenomenal things when it’s used well.

If all this is piquing your interest, sign up for our project management training course in Miami, Florida. We’ll tell you all about Scrum, why it works so well, and how you can revolutionize your company and your projects with this awesome framework.

Scrum: Inspiring Innovation

It’s not enough to maintain anymore. The playing field is wide open for competition, and if your company isn’t meeting the market’s needs, someone else will come along and snap up your customers. Innovation is vital to a company’s success; however, old-school management techniques don’t really encourage folks to think outside the box.

When a company adopts the Scrum framework, some pretty amazing things happen:

1. Teams start reporting directly to clients – not to managers

2. Teams map out the work, estimate the time needed, and decide how the job should be done

3. Teams organize their work into short cycles, or “sprints”

4. Teams are protected by a Scrum Master who prevents interruptions during a sprint

When you put the power in the hands of the team members, they’re empowered to achieve more, do more, and innovate more. It inspires creativity and initiative. This simple act of team empowerment has revolutionized companies around the world. We’ve seen Scrum implemented so successfully that teams have seen a 400% increase in overall productivity!

While Scrum is no magic bullet, it can do some pretty amazing things when a team is fully committed. Join us for our project management training course in Miami, Florida and see how you can start implementing Scrum in your own projects and programs. Sign up on our events page or get in touch at to find out more about what we offer.