Learn to Empower Your Teams at Our Project Management Training Course in Herndon, Virginia

Project Management Training Course in Herndon, VirginiaIf you’ve only just heard of Scrum, don’t be surprised. While the framework is truly phenomenal, it is rarely discussed in management textbooks or business school courses. In fact, until recently Scrum was really only used by software development teams! Today, companies are discovering that a lot can be learned from this upstart “geek” framework.

Whether you know all about Scrum or you’ve just had your interest piqued, you should join our project management training course in Herndon, Virginia and learn more. We think you’ll quickly see why the Scrum framework is catching on like crazy all around the world.

Give the Power to Your Teams!

If you’re looking for more innovation, more initiative and more efficiency, Scrum offers that and more. When you start digging into Scrum, you quickly see that under all the funny terms, it’s actually an extremely empowering solution to age old problems. Here’s how:

- Teams organize their work in short cycles – or “sprints”

- Teams are able to work uninterrupted during a sprint

- Teams estimate the time required for a given task

- Teams decide how the task should be done

- Teams decide how much work can be accomplished in an iteration

- Teams report directly to clients – not managers

Did you catch the pattern there? The TEAM has the power to conceive, plan, and execute goals with very little outside involvement. This simple factor of team empowerment is a huge part of what makes Scrum so successful – and so popular.

While none of these elements are new on their own, Scrum puts them all together in a totally revolutionary way. During our project management training course in Herndon, Virginia, you’ll see how dramatically this impacts the work environment. In fact, the best Scrum teams have seen productivity increased by up to 400%!

So join us at our project management training course in Herndon, Virginia, and learn how to empower your teams to succeed. Scrum is doing amazing things, and you can reap the rewards! Find out more by contacting us at info@winnowmanagement.com.