Project Management Training Course in Dallas, Texas

Project Management Training Course in Dallas, TexasScrum is changing the face of project management, and companies are taking note. By learning the techniques and principles of this framework, you can massively enhance your own work and projects, as well as your career options. We’ll be arriving in town soon, bringing our project management training course in Dallas, Texas, and we’d love to see you there!

Study Up!

While there’s no way to truly understand Scrum without some hands-on training, it’s a great idea to read up on the subject. You’ll never learn about Scrum in a management textbook, and you’ll rarely hear a thing about it in a single business course; however, there are some brilliant works out there on the subject, and you can give your Scrum career a fantastic jump start by learning from Scrum pioneers.

As you get ready to attend our project management training course in Dallas, Texas, here are some of our favorite books on Scrum project management:

1. Agile Project Management with Scrum, by Ken Schwaber

Ken is one of the Scrum trailblazers. He published the Agile Manifesto with Jeff Sutherland, and was responsible for formulating the initial Scrum development process. This book will give you a solid foundation in the rules, roles, principles and practices of Scrum. There’s plenty of real-world advice and great case studies.

2. The Scrum Field Guide: Practical Advice for Your First Year, by Mitch Lacey

As a veteran project manager, Mitch knows his stuff. He offers some tried and proven approaches to Scrum adoption and implementation - invaluable advice for any new Scrum master. This book can really give you the confidence you need to overcome many initial challenges you’ll face.

3. Scrum Mastery: From Good to Great Servant-Leadership, by Geoff Watts

This is a great book for folks making the transition from project manager to Scrum Master. The two roles are close, but vastly different, and it can be quite a challenge to make the switch.

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Of course, there’s really no replacement for hands-on training as you’re getting ready to adopt Scrum. Join us for our two day project management training course in Dallas, Texas, and join the ranks of Texas Scrum Masters!