Become a Scrum Evangelist With Our Project Management Training Course in Baltimore, Maryland

Project Management Training Course in Baltimore, MarylandMany project managers are enthusiastic about all that Scrum can bring to a company. When they see how the framework can revolutionize their work and projects, most project managers can’t wait to adopt it. Unfortunately, it can be an uphill fight to persuade others. If your company has many senior members who boast decades in your industry, it can seem pretty daunting to try to implement Scrum – at least the way it should be implemented. We understand those challenges, and that’s why we offer loads of great advice and practical approaches in our project management training course in Baltimore, Maryland.

Why Scrum Implementation is a Challenge

In a well-established company, folks tend to get comfortable with the way things are done. A certain modus operandi develops for planning, tracking and executing projects, and it can be disconcerting for long-term employees to change. Add deep layers of bureaucracy to the mix, and it might seem nearly impossible to persuade anyone to switch to a new framework.

As challenging as it may be, change is vital to the success of any company. Old standards are ineffective in the modern environment, and they don’t allow companies to understand and respond efficiently to customers’ needs.

As important as change is, it’s difficult. Agile methodologies present a whole new approach and an entirely new sense of urgency. The faster pace and redistribution of responsibility can be hard to handle.

We’re Here to Make Things Easier!

When a company is getting ready to make the leap into Scrum, it really helps to have a Scrum advocate to push things along. As you’ll see at our project management training course in Baltimore, Maryland, you can be that Scrum evangelist – the one who keeps people focused on the goal. When folks realize where Scrum is taking them, the switch will become easier and easier.

So before you take the leap, join us for our two-day project management training course in Baltimore, Maryland. We’ll equip you with all you need to implement and facilitate a successful switch to the Scrum framework. For more information, get in touch at