Project Management Training Classes in West Palm Beach, Florida

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasScrum is bringing balance back into the world of management. During our project management training classes, we’re training up a whole new breed of managers: servant-leaders. Teams that adopt Scrum are happier, more productive, and more successful because they’re operating under a much more humane framework. It’s an exciting new approach, and companies are eagerly getting on board.

While results are always the main goal in any company, businesses are seeing that more emphasis needs to be put on facilitating. Traditional management models involved a lot of commanding, blaming, and even intimidation. Scrum takes a very different approach. The ScrumMaster is a servant leader, whose focus revolves around meeting the team’s needs. The ScrumMaster protects his team, facilitates their work, and provides support and coaching throughout each phase of the project.

With this new style of leadership on the rise, we’re seeing a lot of discussion over what makes the best servant leader. Since Scrum is an unconventional approach, companies are looking at unconventional people to fill the role of ScrumMaster. Many companies are looking for servant-leader qualities over technical qualifications. As you’ll see during our project management training classes, there are a few key traits that every servant leader should hone:

1. Listening Skills

A good ScrumMaster is a good listener. As a go-between for Product Owners and Team Members, the ScrumMaster must be able to grasp the fine points in discussion and be able to convey them accurately. The ScrumMaster must also be able to pick up clues and meet the needs of his team quickly in order to keep the project on track.

2. Intuition

A good servant leader has his eyes wide open, and he is fully aware of the needs of his team. He has a good grasp on the project, and he can often anticipate issues before they arise.

3. Determination

It can be tough to step into a role like this, but a good servant leader has the determination to make it work. During our project management training classes, we’ll show you how to become this type of leader, and we’ll show you how to really thrive in a new Scrum framework. If you’re interested, sign up today or get in touch at