Project Management Training Classes in Herndon, Virginia

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasSince its introduction years ago, Scrum has steadily risen through the world of project management, gaining in popularity year after year. Today, Scrum is one of the most widely used methodologies, and companies from every industry are capitalizing on its tremendous benefits. Scrum has revolutionized the way individual teams and entire companies manage their projects and resources. This is resulting in higher quality products, more efficient processes, less waste, and even happier development teams.

If you’ve been looking for a better solution to project management, then you’re going to want to sign your team up for our project management training classes. We’ve been hosting Scrum training events all across the country for nearly ten years now. From New York to California, from Texas to Virginia, we bring the very best in project management training classes to cities in every state.

Winnow Management has developed a powerful, interactive course designed by some of the best Scrum Trainers and ScrumMasters in the business. We focus on learning by doing, capitalizing on over 75 years of combined real-world experience. Our team has worked with huge international corporations like Cisco and Hilton, as well as with numerous small teams all around the world. We base our training on real-world experience, and we offer practical, hands-on instruction that will prepare you for the real challenges that you’re going to face.

In designing our course, we focused on making it accessible and useful for professionals at every level. Whether you’re totally new to Scrum and/or management, or you’ve been in an Agile environment for years, you’ll find tremendous new information, practical new skills, and a challenging new methodology that you’ll want to put into practice immediately.

No matter where you’re starting from, you’ll find that our project management training in Herndon, Virginia is a whole lot of fun. After all, no one learns much from drab lectures and dull Power Point shows. Come with your sleeves rolled up and be ready to get your hands dirty with real Scrum practice right from the get-go! If you’re interested in more information on our project management training classes, private consultation, and other events, please feel free to contact us at