Project Management Training Classes in Detroit, Michigan

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasIf you hope to stay current with modern business practices, then you need to consider adopting the Scrum framework. If you’ve been in project management for long, you’ve probably already caught wind of this phenomenal approach to product development. Perhaps you’re already on the way to full-scale Scrum adoption with your team. Wherever you’re at, it’s important to start with the right training. Winnow Management will be bringing two days of hard-core Scrum instruction to you during our project management training classes in Detroit. If you’re serious about Scrum, this is an event that you won’t want to miss.

Scrum is rapidly gaining headway as more and more companies discover its tremendous, empowering benefits. Massive international corporations and small startups alike are realizing that old-school methods of project management just aren’t sufficient anymore. As projects grow ever more complex, and as market demands continue to shift and change on a whim, companies need a flexible, Agile solution for keeping things on track.

Scrum offers that solution in a big way. While a methodology like Waterfall might serve adequately if a project is fairly basic with well-defined requirements, most projects these days just aren’t that simple. Customer demands are more fickle than ever, and a company needs to be able to redirect quickly and efficiently if they hope to stay current. Scrum offers a fantastic, flexible solution that enables teams to manage the most complex projects in a practical, sensible way.

Our Scrum Trainers offer some of the very best Scrum education in the industry. With more than 75 years of combined experience between them, they teach real world skills rather than concepts and theories. Our team will equip you with the practical, applicable skills and know how that you need to succeed with Scrum.

As you start to make the shift into the world of Scrum, make sure that you have the right training under your belt. By participating in our project management training classes in Detroit, you’ll get the training you need. For more information on our classes, consultation, and more, get in touch at