Project Management Training Classes in Cincinnati, Ohio

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasIf you’re a long-time project manager, perhaps Scrum seems like a logical next step for you – and you’d be right! However, you should be aware of what you’re launching into. Scrum is a far cry from traditional project management, and if you’re not prepared, it can take you by surprise. While the role of ScrumMaster does require many traditional management skills, it also turns the traditional management model on its head. Many of your standard ways of operating will be thrown out the window and replaced with a new set of skills and tools.

The ScrumMaster is, above all, a servant leader. That means that you’re going to do a lot less commanding and a whole lot more facilitating. During our project management training classes, you’ll discover just how empowering this new approach can be. Scrum puts the power in the hands of the team doing the job. You and your team make the big decisions about how to best get the work done, and then you all implement that plan and monitor your progress. It’s an exciting new way to operate, and it’s getting tremendous results.

During our project management training classes in Cincinnati, you’ll learn about how Scrum works, and how you can be the very best ScrumMaster possible. We’ll equip you with the skills, tools and training you need to be a professional, successful, and active ScrumMaster for your team. Just a few subjects that we’ll touch on during our course include:

  • The roles in the Scrum framework: Product Owner, Team Members, and ScrumMaster
  • How Scrum works – and why
  • Scaling Scrum to projects and teams of all sizes
  • Encouraging communication and cohesion among your team members
  • Preparing for pitfalls during Scrum adoption

We bring decades of experience to the table, and we provide real-world, practical skills. While we do teach the theories behind Scrum, we focus primarily on learning by doing. We want to equip you with the practical know-how and experience you need to launch right into Scrum. If you’re ready to begin an exciting new career in Scrum, sign up today for our project management training classes in Cincinnati, Ohio. To find out more about our upcoming classes, visit our events page, or contact us at