Phoenix Certified Scrum Training

Winnow Management is routinely providing Phoenix certified Scrum training to companies and organizations looking to improve their current software development procedures and project management. Winnow utilizes their 70+ years of IT experience to assist project managers in delivery high quality end products on-time and on-budget.

By breaking down a project into smaller, attainable goals, teams are able to cut down on costs, keep up with changes in market or industry and still meet changing client requirements. No process is fail-safe, but with the flexibility Scrum/Agile offers, it is increasingly become the most used methodology for project managers regardless of product.

Winnow provides an environment where participants will learn the basic fundamentals of Scrum, the different roles (ie. ScrumMaster, Team Member, Product Owner) involved, and prepare individuals for the certification testing. Training ranges from 2-day classes to 2-hour overviews. Winnow also provides consulting services when needed.

If this sounds like something your Phoenix, Arizona company would be interested in learning, check our events page for times and dates. For more information, or special consulting requests, contact Winnow Management at 954-784-3674 or use our convenient contact form.