Orlando Scrum Master Certification Classes

Orlando Scrum Master Certification ClassesScrum was birthed in the world of software development; however, it has now become a major part of mainstream project management. Organizations around the world are now capitalizing on the empowering benefits of Scrum principles, tools and methodologies. Winnow Management is now bringing Scrum to Florida with our Orlando Scrum Master certification classes, and we’re inviting project managers, software developers and professionals from all industries to participate!

If you’ve worked within the project development sphere, chances are you’ve read some about Scrum. Perhaps you’ve even been working in an Agile environment. If so, you’ll know that Scrum is considerably different from traditional approaches to project management. During our two day course, we’ll provide all the skills, tools and training you need to successfully navigate this brave new world as a Certified Scrum Master.

A Course Overview

We pack a whole lot into two days of classes, so you certainly won’t leave empty handed. By the end of our Orlando Scrum Master certification classes, you’ll be fully prepared to take the CSM exam and begin working as a fully qualified Scrum Master. A few of the topics we’ll cover include:

- The history of Scrum and the Agile Manifesto

- An overview of the Scrum framework

- The roles in a Scrum environment, including the Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and Team Members

- Your responsibilities as ScrumMaster, including Sprint planning and daily Scrum meetings

Save the Date!

Scrum is an exciting, innovative way to approach new projects, and this course is guaranteed to provide the skills and training you need to be successful with Scrum. Stop by our events page to sign up for our Orlando Scrum Master certification classes, or get in touch at info@winnowmanagement.com with any questions or special requests.