Miami Certified Scrum Master

The trend in today's project management arena leans opposite the traditional project management methods. Rather than a single project manager 'leading' the entire project, communicating with the client, handling requirements / testing / implementation, the ScrumMaster coaches rather than just leading. Their role is to keep the team, made up of Product Owners and Team Members, fluid and agile.

This framework makes changes in project directions, client requirements or budget restraints easier to manage while keeping the project on it's original time line. With the proper execution, organizations could see increased production, less waste during the life cycle, and finish with a high quality end result.

The 2-day Miami Certified Scrum Master Course familiarizes individuals with the basic structure and philosophy of a Scrum including:

  • The Scrum Framework
  • Why Scrum Works
  • Roles of ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Team Members
  • Agile Planning
  • Optimizing Value (ROI)
  • And More...

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