Learn Scrum in Two Days at Our Certified ScrumMaster Training Event in Dallas, Texas!

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasIs your team getting ready to adopt the Scrum framework? Don’t launch into it unprepared! The best Scrum teams are led by strong, well-trained ScrumMasters who know what “Servant Leadership” means. At our ScrumMaster training event in Dallas, we’ll equip you with the skills and tools you need to serve your team to the best of your ability. Our course is designed around hands-on training, so come prepared to get your hands dirty!

At Winnow Management, we’re all about training exceptional leaders. When you choose to participate in our ScrumMaster training in Dallas, you can count on the highest level of Scrum training in the industry. We not only provide a solid practical foundation in Scrum practices and principles, but we build on that foundation with the real-world skills and techniques you need to succeed as a professional ScrumMaster.

If you’re looking to avoid drab lectures and dull PowerPoints, sign up with us and learn how to:

1. Be a Scrum advocate. In order to persuade others, you have to be fully persuaded yourself. When you’re enthusiastic and passionate about the practices and principles, your team will follow.

2. Be a servant-leader. The old-school project manager is obsolete, and the ScrumMaster is stepping up to fill that role. We’ll teach you how to lead by example and how to facilitate, protect, and coach your team as they work toward common goals.

3. Be exceptionally efficient. We’ll provide ample opportunity for your to learn and practice with the tools and techniques you’ll need. You’ll learn how to manage sprints and releases, how to estimate, and how to manage a solid product backlog.

4. Be a go-between. The ScrumMaster is an intermediary, a protector and a facilitator. You’ll learn how to work with both Product Owners and Team Members to ensure the highest level of productivity possible.

If that sounds like just what you’re looking for, sign up today and join us for two days of ScrumMaster training in Dallas. Two days isn’t much time, but we make it count! To find out more about this and future events, get in touch at info@winnowmanagement.com.