Large Companies Adopting Scrum Education

More and more companies are utilizing Scrum for their businesses. In a recent blog post by Constant Contact, they stated they have rolled out Scrum to all their teams within their company. Constant Contact is a web-based email marketing company, in which users can log-on to manage customer lists, develop email campaigns, then send and track their email statistics. Constant Contact developed a way to measure the success of their Scrum rollout to determine the effectiveness and improvement of their business. Their blog post overviews the two parts in which they tested how Scrum was able to improve their business. The first test was to determine how effectively they were able to implement Scrum and how it changed the behavior of their development teams. The second part was how effectively their teams were able to bring customer value, and translate that effectiveness to all teams.

Constant Contact developed a metric for success in their Scrum roll-out. Utilizing a Net Promoter Score, they polled their teams throughout the Scrum roll-out enabling them to track their teams effectiveness. In addition, they had their teams tracking a myriad of details for each 2 week Sprint. By documenting these items, they were able to track the overall efficiency of deliverables, and increase their speed to provide customer value. Constant Contact found this data useful, and were able to identify many patterns with which they were able to improve multiple teams.

Constant Contact suggested that by tracking their Scrum roll-out on a team by team basis, it helped them to identify issues and find solutions for other teams throughout their company. Winnow Management is hosting two Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) classes in the United States this summer, in Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale. Learn how to adapt the basics of Scrum to scale to multiple teams in medium to large businesses. Learn more about LeSS and how it can improve your business.

Constant Contact's VP of Engineering posted an earlier blog post regarding the initial concept of integrating Scrum into their business. For further reading, click here for more information.