Ft. Lauderdale Scrum Project Management

Beginning overseas and spreading fast is the new method of project management. No longer is there the rigid framework and individual leader. The trend is small agile teams with goals and deadlines for incremental portions or specific requirements of the whole project. Meeting weekly (most common) to keep communication open, while also allowing for quick changes due to intangibles like sudden budget restraints, client requirements changes, or staff restructuring, this framework provides an environment conducive to high level productivity. A key player in this system is the ScrumMaster.

Winnow Management provides Ft. Lauderdale Scrum Project Management training and ScrumMaster certification courses. In a 2-day classroom-like setting Winnow, and their 70+ years of combined IT experience, will provide students with the basic foundation for facilitating an agile system into new or ongoing project development cycles. Students will learn:

  • The Scrum Fundamentals
  • Why Scrum Works
  • Roles / Responsibilities of ScrumMaster, Team Members, & Product Owners
  • Agile Planning and Estimating
  • Self-Managed and Cross-functional Teams

These management standards aren't just for software development. Simulations of various projects during the course will show that this framework can increase productivity in most organizational settings. Read the Winnow Blog for more great reading on this trending topic.

For information on training and certification, click here to view our events page or contact us at 954-784-3674 or info@winnowmanagement.com.