Find the Best Scrum Master Certification Classes in Detroit, Michigan

Scrummaster Certification Classes in Austin, TexasIf you’re getting ready to take on the challenging role of Scrum Master, we salute you! This is a truly exciting position to be in, but it’s not for the faint of heart. Even if you’ve worked as a project manager or team leader, you’ll find that this role is quite unlike anything you’ve tackled before. While the task might sound daunting at first, we think you’re well up to the task – especially once you’ve completed our Scrum Master certification classes in Detroit, Michigan!

We’ve developed a simple, straight-forward course for folks just like you. We know that you’re busy, so we make sure that every minute counts. We’ve designed a course that gets you involved and active right from the start. Folks tend to learn best by doing, so we don’t waste time on endless lectures and boring slide shows. Instead, we cut right to the heart of the matter and we get you actually using your new skills right away.

During our Scrum Master certification classes in Detroit, Michigan, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from and work with some of the very best Scrum Masters and Certified Scrum Trainers in the industry. They’ve been responsible for some of the most successful frameworks to date and have worked with companies of all sizes and from all industries.

Over the course of two days, you’ll be equipped with some solid Scrum Master know-how. We’ll teach you the basics, and then you’ll progress to some real-world Scrum Master skills. Just a few topics we’ll cover:

  • Roles and responsibilities in the Scrum framework
  • What it means to be “Agile”
  • The history of Scrum and what it looks like today
  • Running Scrum events, meetings and more
  • Scaling Scrum to projects and teams of all sizes

That’s just scratching the surface, of course – so come ready to learn! Scrum is a brilliant framework, and through our Scrum Master certification classes in Detroit, Michigan, you can lead the charge into a fantastic future in your company. For more information, see our events page or get in touch at