Estimating and Planning Agile Projects

Whether you’ve been or are just setting your foot to the project management, the role of the project manager is always a busy and complicated one if you’ve not set yourself in pace with both the customer and the production team. Customers want quality products on budget and on time. But wait-the requirements just changed. Again.

Today’s smart software companies have ditched the traditional waterfall approach for the flexible agile approach. Agile management allows product managers to work constantly with the production team and deliver quality product to the executives, even when the target is a moving target.

The Team Members directly handle most of the task assignment, daily detail management, progress reporting and quality control for the product. User feedback and customer feedback happen constantly- this calls for constant team work, because without the teamwork intensive labor could prove a worthy challenge.

Though its origins are in software development, Agile is rapidly becoming a regular approach to managing all types of projects.