Developing Agile Requirements

As a product owner, whether you have attended a scrum training introduction or not, it is always a hard task to know your responsibilities during the product development process. This often leads to confusion in fitting in with the team.

So, what are the responsibilities of the project owner?

As complex as it may sound, simply put, the product owner is required to closely collaborate with the team on an ongoing basis and to guide and direct the team.( e.g. providing feedback, answering questions and signing work. Most products that are developed in the absence of the product owner, (or not-so-empowered product owner) suffered, and the projects never reached their maximum velocity.

The agile approach, whose roots are in software development, is rapidly becoming the standard approach to managing all types of projects.

In some projects the traditional waterfall approach is still the preferred approach (e.g. If you’re building a bridge or a skyscraper it’s important to get the requirements right up front because it’s almost impossible to make amendments throughout the construction)

Developing Agile Requirements