Delivering Agile Projects with Scrum


The scrum project starts with the backlog, which is a list of functionalities and features that the product owner expects to be developed during the production process.

The product backlog is presented by the product owner, who gets the specs from the customer-as the product owner, knowing the customer’s needs works towards your advantage. The product owner then meets with the production team to discuss which features and functions need to be developed first. They also determine which functions can wait for the next cycle or sprint. A sprint usually takes two to three weeks.

The selected items are moved to a cycle backlog, where they are packed up into smaller and convenient tasks. The cycle/sprint backlog comes in handy in preparation for the next sprint. The team meets on a daily basis to discuss various issues such identifying difficulties and presenting work progress both verbally and visually.

At the end of the sprint, the production team meets with the product owner to discuss the progress as well as identify key areas of improvement. At the next meeting, prioritized items are picked.

Scrum aims to create an environment where teams are self-managed, with a high degree of visibility and collaboration.