Dallas Scrum Software Development

Scrum is the latest methodology for software development. It's comprised of processes and rules that creates a lighter, more versatile environment for teams to produce and deliver the highest quality product.

Winnow Management provides Scrum Training and Certification events through-out the Dallas, Fort Worth Texas area. Consulting with local companies like Hilton and Cisco. Bringing Scrum to some of the biggest companies in the U.S.. With over 75 years of combined IT professional experience, they are adept at administering all aspects of agile project management to software development.

With Winnow Management's training, Scrum implementation can improve productivity, cut waste and increase quality. From conception to final manifestation of software, Scrum can be a valuable tool. From day one of a project time line changes can occur. Budget cuts, staff restructuring and customer dissatisfaction can be disruptive to a positive work environment. This framework creates an atmosphere where teams make the best decisions possible, resulting in the best outcomes.

Scrum training teaches teams the fundamentals of being self-managed while still collaborating with other team members. Rules of Scrum allow teams to make quicker decisions without affect the work flow of the entire project. Making critical deadlines more reasonably attained while exceeded customer satisfaction.

To obtain Scrum software development training in Dallas, see the events schedule for course dates and times. Don't see one that works? Provisions can be made to provide more convenient classes at you facility. Contact Winnow Management at 954-784-3674 or email at info@winnowmanagement.com.