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SCRUM Training

SCRUM is an agile product development process for managing a project. The methodology adopts an empirical approach whereby a team of experts work together to achieve a common objective. Achievement of the common objective is in phases that we refer to as sprints. The sprints allow for the delivery of usable product increments through the life of a project. Since product development is a dynamic process, there must be changes to the product backlog at a certain point. SCRUM allows for these changes during the development process. Therefore, SCRUM training is very important for one to understand the machinations of the SCRUM methodology.

Roles of SCRUM

SCRUM has three roles. These roles involve the owner of the project, the SCRUM master and the SCRUM development team.

Project Owner

The project owner provides the product backlog. The backlog consists of a list of priorities and product estimates. The owner has the authority over the product and defines the ultimate goal of the project.

Development Team

The development team consists of self-managed experts who are responsible for delivering the final product that fits the estimates of the project owner. They work towards completing the tasks provided at every sprint.

SCRUM Master

The SCRUM master carries out the role of a facilitator between the project owner and the development team. The SCRUM master meets with the project owner and development team after the completion of every stage to analyze and measure progress.

SCRUM Training: Why chose Winnow Management?

The following are some of the reasons why you should chose Winnow management as your SCRUM training institution.

1.      Experience

The founder of Winnow management, Mr. Peter Borsella, has over 25 years experience in application development and leadership. Moreover, he is also a certified project management professional. He is also a large-scale SCRUM practitioner with certification from the LeSS Company. The other personnel Mr. James Smith and Mr. Kirran Thakar have 30 years and 22 years experience in the IT industry, respectively

2.      Certified SCRUM Master Classes

At Winnow Management, you will get a license and certification after the successful completion of your SCRUM-training course. The certified SCRUM master classes cover all topics of the SCRUM approach.

3.      Authentic Leadership

From their vast experience in project management and product development, the personnel at the Winnow management offer their trainees with authentic leadership. They have the ability to give guidance and offer leadership to navigate any situation that relates to product development.

Grab the opportunity to set yourself apart as an astute SCRUM professional, by undertaking a course in SCRUM training.