Scrum Training


Scrum Training is necessary for any aspiring scrum professional. The scrum professional is responsible for facilitating the project management process. The professional makes sure the development team maximizes their ability to deliver product increments that are essential in achieving the objectives of a project. As a scrum professional, you are the focal point of the scrum team as you act as a connection between the project owner and the development team. You are accountable for the exchange of information between the two parties.

Initially, the scrum methodology was an integral process of software development only. However, with the high success rate of the scrum process, most organizations are now using this approach to run their projects that are not necessarily software development projects.

Benefits of Scrum

Using the scrum method has numerous benefits including:

  • Direct feedback from the project owner
  • Progress of the project is discernible
  • Easier coordination among the team members, scrum professional and project owner
  • The scrum approach fits any type of business model
  • Measurable productivity
  • Clear schedule for easier delivery of products
  • The project becomes flexible to any changes that may arise
  • This approach encourages face-to-face interaction between the relevant parties.

Importance of Scrum Training

Scrum training helps you to understand the scrum framework and important fundamentals. For you to become an effective scrum professional, you need to have comprehensive knowledge of all the processes in this approach. You can only acquire this knowledge through training. While reading books and carrying out research might help you to understand the methodology, scrum training will help you implement the various processes for each phase.

Scrum training enables you to comprehend how to implement the scrum methodology into any business model. You can use the approach for different projects within you organization. You can also employ your skills in the projects of other companies.

With knowledge about scrum, you do not have to confine yourself to employment. You can start your own project management firm or consultancy firm. If you are a shrewd scrum professional, you will definitely get clients within a short period.


Winnow Management offers certified scrum-training courses. The organization has vast experience when it comes to training scrum professionals. The founder, Peter Borsella, has over 25 years experience in project management and application development. He is also a holds a certificate from the scrum alliance, as a professional scrum trainer. The company also has experienced trainers who are always ready to help you to become an astute scrum professional.