Baltimore Scrum Development

Scrum is a framework for software development that incorporates a lightweight methodology of project management. This type of system allows a team to make quick changes for items that are beyond the control of even the 'best laid plans'. This flexibility allows quick changes to a product or product time-line to be made when client requirements, budgets cuts or even staff changes occur without effecting the end results.

There is some waste in any software development process along with some customer dissatisfaction and/or employee discouragement. Winnow teaches how the agile Scrum framework can employ a set of guidelines to steer the project's course with less waste.

Winnow Management has contributed their agile development experience and leadership to organizations like Hilton and Cisco and now provide Scrum Development training classes in Baltimore, Maryland and the surrounding areas. Check the class list for times and locations. Need a more convenient time and location? In some cases, courses can be provided at your facility.

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