Atlanta Scrum Training

What is Scrum?

Scrum, a rugby analogy, is a versatile framework used in managing software projects and/or application development. This process allows teams to more easily adjust to change and new requirements during the project lifestyle. The Scrum framework utilizes a set of principles with less waste thus producing the best results.

How Can Scrum Training Help Our Team?

Even the most well defined project plans can't account for every adjustment, new requirement or market condition. Scrum is agile and can assist with organizing productivity in an unclear environment that includes budget cuts and staff restructuring. Scrum cuts back on wasted time and money thus optimizing value and ROI.

What's Involved with Scrum Training?

Scrum training can range from 2-hour overviews in a classroom setting to 2-day Certification Training. Participants will be provided with detailed insight and education into Scrum methods and subjects. Items covered include:

  • The Scrum Framework and Fundamentals
  • Why Does Scrum Works?
  • Team Roles (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Team Member)
  • Self-Managed and Cross-functional Teams
  • And more.

Why Winnow Management for Scrum Training?

Winnow Management's staff has over 70 combined years of IT experience covering application development, software development and Agile Project Management. Winnow Management carries certifications from the Project Management Institute and Scrum Alliance.

Need Scrum training in or near the Atlanta area?

Winnow Management routinely provides Scrum training in Atlanta. Check our event schedule for the most up-to-date training times. If a date isn't listed that benefits your team or project deadlines, contact Winnow Management at 954-784-3674 or via email at