Agile Training for Practitioners


Agile training course is the best way to set your firm on core concepts of the course and the associated methodologies. However, there are so many misunderstandings and misconceptions when people talk about agile courses and the difference between them. Agile training is essential because it helps to clarify and expose the agile concepts on various methods.

Its aim

The agile training course aims at any individual who participates in agile practices in their business like marketing managers, business analyst, and the product t managers


A simple agile training course understanding is expected, and it can be achieved by acquiring a foundation certificate. Individuals who have enough experience of agile procedures can give application to be exempted from the process of work-based learning. An individual cannot sit for any practitioner exam before passing the foundation exam.


The courses are open for booking in a duration of 5 days a week as from 9:30 AM-5PM with a fee of $ 1295.The course cost entails; lectures, reading material, examination, two sample papers for examination

Course content

The agile training course provides the individuals with principles that facilitate a successful project and gives agility and degree of scope that many methodologies do not provide. The agile course has a practical experience techniques and theory balance of the management project.


Foundation exam

 Foundation exam has multiple questions, but 25 Marks are required to attain the pass mark within a duration of 40 minutes with all books closed.

 Practitioner exam

Practitioner exam has an objective-testing format with a question and answers booklet within a period of 2.5 hours. Each question has 20 marks out of the total 80 marks available, and one is expected to attain 40 marks as a pass mark by use of a handbook only.