Agile Scrum Master Certification Training in Washington, DC

Scrum Master Certification Training in Washington, DC

Join us in DC and learn about the fundamental principles of Scrum! Our Agile Scrum Master certification training in Washington, DC will provide you with a strong foundation in Scrum, backed up by plenty of hands-on experience alongside our professional Scrum Trainers. You’ll see why Scrum is so effective, how it works, and how you can be a part of this new wave of efficiency and productivity.

Simple Framework – Profound Results

Scrum is inherently simple and sensible. If you’ve read or studied any material on the subject, you’ve probably even wondered why you haven’t been working the Scrum way all along. The methodology just makes sense, and during our Agile Scrum Master certification training in Washington, DC, you’ll come to understand why this simple process has such a phenomenal effect on projects and organizations.

The framework is so simple, in fact, that many folks have a rather difficult time implementing it. For companies that have been entrenched in old-school methods, this dramatic switch can be hard. That’s why we focus on the basics – the stuff that will equip you to make a successful transition in even the most skeptical, old-school companies.

During our two-day course, you’ll gain loads of practical experience with the various Scrum activities, meetings and tools. You’ll learn how to run daily Scrum meetings, how to plan Sprints, run Sprint meetings and manage Sprint backlogs. You’ll learn how to handle your product backlogs and maintain your burndown charts. You’ll learn how to promote the Scrum values and principles within your team as you build strong teamwork, cohesion and collaboration.

Get Your Hands Dirty

If you’re serious about learning Scrum, you’re going to have to go beyond book learning. It requires getting involved, getting your hands dirty, and actually practicing with the tools and techniques. That’s what we offer during our two-day courses. You’ll be working with some of the best Scrum Masters in the business, and you’ll be able to see how a really successful framework operates.

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