Agile Scrum Master Certification Training in Tempe, Arizona

Agile Scrum Master Certification Training in Tempe, ArizonaWe’re bringing CSM classes to Tempe, and all Arizona professionals are invited! Winnow Management will be hosting Agile Scrum Master certification training in Tempe, so mark off two days on your calendar and plan for some heavy-duty learning! During our CSM course, you’ll learn just what makes an effective Scrum Master, what Scrum is all about, and what makes a successful Agile environment. Whether you’re just jumping into Scrum or you’ve been Agile for years, we promise that you won’t leave these two days empty-handed.

Scrum has been rapidly gaining ground around the world – and not just in the software development sphere. If you’ve heard about Scrum and you’re interested in learning more, this is a great time to jump on the Scrum train. Winnow Management has put together a team of outstanding Scrum Trainers, and through our two-day course, you have the opportunity to learn from some of the very best Scrum Masters in the industry.

What’s on the Agenda?

Two days might not seem like much time, but we’ve developed a course that packs a whole lot of learning – and doing – into a short time frame. After all, as busy as you are, you’ve got to make each moment count! During these two days, you can expect to gain a strong foundation in the Scrum framework, including:

  • Scrum principles and values
  • Scrum roles and responsibilities
  • Scaling Scrum to projects of all sizes
  • Running Sprints, Standups, Backlogs and more
  • Building strong teamwork, cohesion and communication

And that’s just the basics! By the end of two days, you’ll know how Scrum was developed, how it works, why it works, and how you can make it work for you.

Sign up TODAY!

If you’re going to make one investment in your career this year, this should be it. Scrum will change the way you operate – and our CSM classes in Tempe are a great way to get started with Scrum. Stop by our events page to find out when and where we’ll be, or get in touch at for more details.