Agile Scrum Master Certification Training in Detroit, Michigan

Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Detroit, Michigan

Are your projects running into endless obstacles? We’ve worked with numerous companies that are wrapped up in layers of overbearing, heavy processes. Bureaucracy is one of the biggest idea-killers today. When every step in the process has to go through numerous rounds of reviews and revisions, very little progress can be made.

We believe that Scrum can change all that. Scrum cuts through bureaucracy and gets right to the heart of productivity. Join us for two days of Agile Scrum Master certification training in Detroit, Michigan, and find out how it works!

Why Heavy Processes Kill Productivity

Many companies still run like something out of a “Dilbert” comic strip. Every project is held up by lags, delays and reviews at every turn. Teams are weighed down by numerous heavy processes which slow progress to a crawl. Teams can’t meet deadlines because they’re waiting on “permission” to proceed, while customers lose faith in the company and figure that they simply can’t trust any projections or estimates.

Finding Process Balance with Scrum

Every company needs processes – they just need a balance. Too many, and the work grinds to a halt. Too few, and we end up with the same result. During our Agile Scrum Master certification training in Detroit, Michigan, you’ll learn how a proper balance results when Scrum is properly implemented. Since Scrum scales so beautifully, it can be used to provide the proper degree of process for any given project.

Scrum provides a framework of collaboration where each team member knows where the work is headed. Every member knows what has already been accomplished, what needs to be done, and what they can do to get it done. Projects don’t float around in stasis, less time and resources are wasted, and work gets done.

Join us for our Agile Scrum Master certification training in Detroit, Michigan, and see how Scrum can revolutionize your company’s processes and projects. Scrum has empowered teams around the world, and it can do the same for you. Get in touch at to find out more about our upcoming events, or grab your ticket at our events page.