Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Orlando, Florida

Agile Scrum Master Certification Training in Orlando, FloridaThe Scrum Master does a whole lot to keep a project on track; but contrary to popular assumption, the Scrum Master isn’t just a glorified project manager. And when you really dig into the role, you’ll realize that not only is the role unique, but it requires a lot more than basic management skills. If you can get through the paradigm shift needed to fully grasp the Scrum Master’s role, you’ll be well on your way to great Scrum success. Scrum Masters are in high demand, so by learning all you can and by participating in events like our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Orlando, Florida, you’re setting yourself up for major career advancement.

So What IS a Scrum Master?

So we’ve covered what a Scrum Master is not. But what does a Scrum Master do all day? Well, the Scrum Master is largely responsible for keeping the project on track. He doesn’t manage the team members themselves, but he does all he can to make their job easier. He acts as a buffer and a go-between for the Product Owner and the Team Members, and he facilitates the work offering training and support as needed.

As you’ll see during our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Orlando, Florida, the Scrum Master wears many hats. He’s a coach, a buffer and a facilitator. He’s a servant leader, and even a bit of an evangelist! He makes sure that folks know the Scrum values, and he does all he can to make sure that those values are upheld. Obviously, it’s a much tougher role than basic project management!

Are YOU Scrum Master Material?

Naturally, not everyone is cut out to be a Scrum Master. It takes a lot of effort (and a serious paradigm shift if you’ve been a manager in the past), but with the right training at our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Orlando, Florida, you’ll be well-equipped to take on the role successfully. Find out more on our events page, or drop us a line at to find out more about our events and programs.