Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Houston, Texas

As an organization grows in size, its structure can become weighed down by poor performance management, inefficient processes, and massive bureaucracy. This happens in software development just as frequently as it does in other industries; and when a company gets weighed down by its own sheer size, it’s susceptible to failure if it can’t challenge the status quo.

But there’s a solution. During our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Houston, Texas, you’ll learn how Scrum can provide the shake-up that’s needed to get a company back on track to success. Scrum challenges that inertia and gets projects rolling smoothly again.

How Scrum Beats Inertia

Inertia comes about in big companies when the scale of a project becomes too large to manage. Decisions must be made by so many different people at so many levels, that progress can’t really be made. This slow decision making is a quicksand trap that keeps innovative ideas from reaching the customers while the market is still hot.

During our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Houston, Texas, you’ll learn how Scrum helps to streamline that decision making process to provide timely results on a regular basis. Scrum helps on two fronts:

1. The Product Owner has a clear overview of the product backlog and current priorities. This enables faster decision making and rapid response to the immediate needs of customers. With a well-maintained backlog, the Product Owner and Scrum Master can keep the team on track to providing the most important elements for the customer.

2. Frequent releases allow the company to benefit from early customer reviews. This helps the company to make better decisions on how the end product should work and reduces wasted effort and money being spent on low-priority or unnecessary features.

Get On Board!

Maybe you’re just starting to see signs of inertia, or maybe you’re stuck fast in corporate quicksand. No matter where your company stands, you can kick that inertia and get back on track to success. Join us for two days of Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Houston, Texas, and see what Scrum can do. For more information, get in touch at