Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Detroit, Michigan

Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Detroit, Michigan

A great idea is just the beginning. Without the right process and without careful performance management, that idea will never get off the ground. If you hope to turn a great idea into a great product, you need to be able to set goals effectively, track your project status properly, and review progress regularly. During our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Detroit, Michigan, you’ll learn how Scrum can help you get your projects from an idea to completion with better performance management.

What Happens Without Performance Management?

When a project isn’t properly monitored, it founders. You might have some nebulous goals, but those goals should be set in the right way. Company or project goals are often set to create a sense of competition within the team. Unfortunately, this doesn’t result in teamwork or healthy collaboration.

To see any measure of success, you must also be faithfully tracking the status of your project and reviewing your results. A vague checklist doesn’t really cut it, as you may reach the end of your project and realize that you put your emphasis in all the wrong places. And without regular reviews, it can be difficult to assess the performance of your team or the success of your product.

How Scrum Enhances Performance Management

Scrum provides highly effective ways to monitor the progress of your project and the performance of your team. Scrum teams are able to measure and set goals against working software. Daily meetings help a team to track real progress and to focus on the most valuable pieces of the whole. By measuring their performance, the team is also able to continuously improve their approach.

Teams are also able to visually track their progress with their burndown charts. Status tracking becomes a fun, exciting group activity, and the team is able to focus only on what’s pending on a given day.

Join us and see how your company’s performance can be dramatically enhanced with Scrum. Learn how you can make it happen at our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Detroit, Michigan. Find out more online or by contacting us at