Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Dallas, Texas

Scrum Master Certification Training in Dallas, Texas

Scrum is conceptually very simple and straight forward. When you read and study on the framework, the methodology and theories just make sense. It’s almost surprising that Scrum has only recently caught on outside the software development world. Nowadays, however, we’ve seen Scrum use explode across numerous industries, sectors and organizations. Honestly, when you dig into Scrum, you’ll quickly start to wonder why things haven’t been done this way all along!

If your organization is just preparing to adopt Scrum, the best way to get Agile in a hurry is to participate in one of our upcoming Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Dallas, Texas. We’re on the cutting edge of Scrum education, and we’re committed to providing outstanding training for the next generation of Scrum Masters.

Our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Dallas, Texas will be largely focused on learning by doing, so prepare to get your hands dirty! This won’t be a couple days of lectures. Each new concept or tool will be reinforced through a variety of small group discussions, realistic simulations, real world case studies and one-on-one coaching. Through this hands-on approach, we’ve found that our graduates can immediately turn around and begin implementing their new found skills in real world situations.

Naturally, a paradigm shift like this doesn’t come easily to most. It takes some pretty intense re-education for many to become effective Scrum Masters. To that effect, our agenda is packed with lots of information, so be prepared for some intensive immersion in the world of Scrum. There’s a lot to absorb, but we’ve packaged it in such a way that you’ll walk away fully confident in your new skills.

By the end of our CSM course you’ll be able to:

- Launch Scrum in a totally new environment.

- Scale Scrum to work for any project, team, or level of complexity.

- Build a cohesive, collaborative team that knows how to get things done!

And that’s just the basics! Sign up today for our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Dallas, Texas, and find out what Scrum is all about. See full details and schedules online, or leave a note at for further information.