Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Chicago, Illinois

Scrum Master Certification Training in Chicago, Illinois

Scrum is a simple concept. It’s almost surprising to realize that the framework has been used for ages within the tech industries. Only in recent years has Scrum caught on across a variety of industries and organizations. Of course, with the surge in Scrum interest, we’ve also seen a surge in demand for qualified Scrum Masters.

As simple as Scrum may be in theory, implementation can be tricky business. The transition requires quite a paradigm shift – especially for folks who are entrenched in old-school project management techniques. If you’re hoping to make a successful launch into the world of Scrum, the best place to start is at our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Chicago, Illinois. We’re leading the way in Scrum education, and we’ll get your Scrum journey started on the right foot.

We know that folks learn best by actually doing, so prepare to roll up your sleeves! Our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Chicago, Illinois will be heavily focused on immediate practical implementation. Every new tool, technique and concept will be reinforced with a realistic simulation, a practical exercise, a small group discussion, or a real world case study. By learning through doing, you’ll get your Scrum skills down pat by the end of the conference – and that means you’ll be ready to immediately apply them in your own work.

Obviously, this kind of paradigm shift requires something of a re-education. If you’ve worked in traditional project management roles, it might take some serious rewiring as you learn a whole new way of operating. With the right training though, anyone can take on the role of servant-leader.

As you join us for serious Scrum immersion, you’ll gain all the tools, skills and smarts you need to succeed. By the end of two days, we can guarantee that you’ll be ready to:

- Launch a brand new Scrum framework

- Scale Scrum to projects of all shapes and sizes

- Build a strong, cohesive team

And more! Drop by our events page or get in touch at to sign up for our Agile Scrum Master certification classes in Chicago, Illinois.