Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Atlanta, Georgia

Agile Scrum Master Certification Classes in Atlanta, GeorgiaAre you ready to take the next step in your career? It just takes two days to become a certified Scrum Master, but those two days of CSM classes can change your life, your career, and the whole way you operate! Winnow Management’s Agile Scrum Master Certification in Atlanta is designed to help you start your Scrum journey the right way – whether you’re new to Scrum or you’re taking your existing skills to the next level.

Some students are wary of jumping right into CSM classes – especially if they’re totally new to Scrum – but that’s what makes our course so unique! Whether you’re a total newbie or you’ve been Agile for years, our classes will build on your existing skill set and help you to become the best Scrum Master you can be. Our interactive course will help you to build a strong foundation in essential Scrum skills, methodologies, and principles.

Two days isn’t a whole lot of time, so we pack as much as possible into each session. Our team has put together a course that will prepare you for whatever the business environment might throw at you. Not only will you learn how to use the tools of a Scrum Master, but you’ll also learn how to anticipate many of the common pitfalls in a new Scrum environment. As you participate in group discussions, practical implementation and realistic simulations, you’ll gain the real-world experience you need to immediately apply your new-found skills in a real business environment.

The two day CSM classes are broken up into clear segments that can be easily digested. A few course topics we’ll cover include:

  • How Scrum was developed and how it has progressed
  • How and why Scrum works so well
  • How the Product Owner, Team Members and Scrum Master interact
  • How to run Scrum Ceremonies like Sprints and Scrum Meetings
  • How to manage Scrum Artifacts like Sprint backlogs, Product backlogs, and Burndown charts

So join us in Atlanta for two days of CSM classes! You won’t leave empty-handed, and we’re pretty sure you’ll walk away with a whole new perspective on the way you operate. Sign up today for our Agile Scrum Master Certification in Atlanta, or get in touch at for more details.