Agile Projects: Keys to Getting Started

Picture a scenario where an IT company is trying to create a product in a versatile environment, whereby change is inevitable. They need to adapt constantly and fast, in order to stay in the market and create products that satisfy customers in a constantly changing environment.

Many companies in different niches find themselves in the same scenario every now and then-particularly those that are in a complex, fast changing situations. You need to revise your plans during each change. If you are using the traditional approach, these changes will often lead to lateness, increased costs, and out-of-demand products.

Agile Project Management

Agile product management comes in handy in the above scenario. It’s built around self-managed teams that work together, releasing a product at the end of each sprint. Project requirements are developed within the process as needs and uses emerge. At the end of the production process, the final product can be very different from the one that was envisaged at the start of the project, but that’s the exact product that the customer needs.

The main emphasis is on working together as teams-involving the customer/shareholder, product owner and the production team. It’s always advisable to take members of the production team when discussing the customer’s needs for the entire process.