A new approach to Project Management

In the fast-paced business world, getting projects completed in time is a major challenge. Every project manager would appreciate methods and tools that make project management efficient. Scrum now offers the capacity for project managers in Fort Lauderdale to fulfill their dreams of accomplishing project goals in a timely fashion. Adopting the Agile framework and combining its power with Scrum delivers outstanding results that waterfall product development approaches fail to deliver.

The Power of Scrum

Scrum is designed as an advanced tool for the development and management of work. It helps prioritize the tasks to be executed for a project to be completed. The compilation of the list of tasks to be done is then, broken down, and work starts begins with short-intervals called sprints, which range from one to four weeks.

Also, working in sprints puts the team members to task for the prioritization and execution of high-priority works. The method ensures that at the end of each sprint, there is one phase or a part of the project that is ready.

This helps to keep up with the standards of the expected end product and trace the quality and chances of improving the work, by upholding the efficient processes and eliminating the non-efficient.

The Top Benefits of Scrum

Quick Turn-Around Times

To deliver products to customers in time, Scrum offers methods that are more efficient for real-world processes. This makes it easier to collaborate with customers as they have a chance to voice their preferences during each sprint. As a result, you will be able to fulfill specific customer expectations by engaging with them in Fort Lauderdale.

Low cost of production

Using Scrum brings down the cost of production through faster completion of sprints. Also, it helps in the elimination of wasteful processes that result in unnecessary wastes of raw materials. Thus, only lean and cost-effective activities are executed, hence, a healthy bottom line.

Besides, the application of Scrum in the development process offers a solution for the comprehensive and accurate estimation of the total costs of production. The ability to estimate the cost and the requirement for each task during the development phase provides for effective control of the costs of production. It also helps in the planning and prioritization of the complex tasks to ensure that critical features of the product are delivered on time and on par with the expected standards.

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Improved Communication and Collaboration

Scrum has a strong emphasis on collaboration and the constant communication between team members. By providing improved visibility of each task through sprints, each team can fast-track the completion of each step of the project by affecting the allocation of resources, hence better collaboration.

High Productivity

Project management demands efficient methods to realize fast product development. With Scrum, project managers enjoy a quick turn-around in the construction of various phases of a project and their release to the clients for use.

As a new solution designed for project management, Scrum offers features that waterfall product development lack. It delivers projects in phases and provides room for inspection, critique, and improvement.

The Intersection between Agile Technology and Scrum

Agile methods are iterative and incremental approaches to the management of projects, which help in the realization of fast delivery of business value. Scrum is in itself a flexible and high-quality enabler of agile project management in Fort Lauderdale. It gives you the power to deliver projects fast with the maximum flexibility in accordance with the principles of agile development processes. The benefits of visibility, adaptability, business value, and risk management, which waterfall development frameworks lack address the blind spots and shortfalls in project management for increased project control.

Also, it puts you in control to ensure that each project is completed as per the customer’s requirement and is tested, integrated and documented accordingly.

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Training and Certification in Fort Lauderdale

With the profound benefits and efficacy of Agile and Scrum, it is essential to have hands-on skills in Scrum technology. Training with Winnow Management, which has unparalleled experience in software development solutions, ensures you know what the Scrum masters know. Becoming a certified Scrum master opens you to new opportunities for SAFe Agile and Scrum 4 HW certification. Winnow Management is a company local to Fort Lauderdale with expert trainers in Scrum and Agile project management. As a bonus, Winnow Management has a specialized training center for our courses in Fort Lauderdale. 

Our Scrum and Agile Training Center located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Our facility is located at Marina Mile Business Park in Fort Lauderdale Florida. The center offers the same options and services as remote locations but has improved accessibility. Additionally, we have comfortable seating and areas to socialize with your classmates during breaks. Inquire about our private course options available at our training center or training your team at your business location.

Training with Winnow gives you an opportunity to learn the core aspects of Scrum technology first-hand with our team of experts and acquire the skills needed to achieve success in agile project management for quality production.

At the end of your Scrum training with us, you will equally be an expert in Scrum in your own right. Learn more about Agile and Scrum in Fort Lauderdale by scrolling down to our available courses.